Where is God in a coronavirus world?


John C Lennox

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Where is God in a coronavirus world?

John C Lennox

The first thing that struck me in Where is God in a coronavirus world? was its dedication - ‘To a world in pain’. I found this to be no distant academic treatise, although John C Lennox’s clear logic as a Professor of Mathematics is evident. Being also a Lecturer in Apologetics, he is not afraid to grapple with big issues. But he tells us that he is writing as if chatting together with a friend in a coffee shop (if only!) who asks, ‘Where is God in a coronavirus world?’ He attempts to answer questions with honesty, while at the same time giving comfort, support and hope.

He points out that most books on suffering focus on moral evil – acts for which men and women are directly responsible, such as abuse, violence and murder. But natural evil comes from fractures in the natural world - diseases and what we indeed call natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. As human beings, we need to make sense of these in general, and at the moment our particular need is to make sense of coronavirus and its impact. However coronavirus affects us, we need to get our heads around it intellectually, to resolve how we feel about it emotionally, and to find our path through it spiritually.

Regarding the atheist viewpoint, Where is God in a coronavirus world? concludes that removing God from the equation does not remove the pain and suffering of such disasters, but sadly it does remove hope. Then John C Lennox addresses the big question – How can there be coronavirus if there is a loving God? His arguments here are enlightening. But I was surprised at his conclusion, that we might be better off looking at a different question - is there any evidence that there is a loving God whom we can trust? And that brings us back to hope.

Where is God in a coronavirus world? is a short thought-provoking read for those with honest questions, whether believers or not, and is ideal for giving away.

John C Lennox is an Adjunct Lecturer for the The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, as well as Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and an Emeritus Fellow at Green Templeton College.  He regularly defends the Christian viewpoint in public debates with high profile atheists.


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