The chronicles of brothers – 5 Volume Special

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Wendy Alec

I've negotiated an exclusive deal with the publisher to bring you the The chronicles of brothers - 5 Volume Special.  This is an amazing opportunity to get these 5 Volumes together for only €5 each!

Why not put your feet up, and lose yourself in this epic tale?

Wendy Alec wanted to write about the beginnings of evil, how it came about, and how it has pervaded all of Creation.  This arose from her awareness that this evil echoes right through to today, pervading earth with greed, selfishness, obsession and violence.  But it also affects us in many ways of which we are often unaware.  She explores the great Biblical themes of earth, heaven and hell;  and the triumph of good over evil.  Her central characters are the angelic brothers, Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer.  But they are mirrored by three earthly brothers.

She uses historical events and more current themes to weave her story.  But her background is in the creative arts.  So she tells us that she sees each scene in her imagination before weaving the details and putting words to them.  She stays faithful to the broad Biblical themes of good and evil, but adds amazing creative insights.

Wendy Alec's writings have been likened to those of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.  The Chronicles of Brothers - 5 Volume Special has been described as Epic Fantasy.  I would have agreed with that when I read her early Volumes.  However with more recent world events, I see them less as Fantasy writing, and more as a credible commentary on the state of world affairs.  So I have realised that both her prophetic and creative gifts are at work here.   I found that even Volume 1 had a major effect on me personally.  No other book I have ever read has impacted me so deeply with the extent of the love of God for mankind, or the enormity of the incarnation.  They are also a call to prayer.  The 5 Volumes are as follows, and an image of them all is below:

  • The fall of Lucifer
  • The first judgement
  • Son of perdition
  • A pale horse
  • End of days

She has started to work on ideas for another Volume, and there could yet be another one to follow that, before the epic concludes.  A TV series is also at the planning stage.

Wendy Alec has been involved in the creative arts since her childhood.  She co-founded God TV with her then husband in 1995.  She has also written a number of other Christian books.

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