5 things to pray in a global crisis


Prayers that change things

in times of trouble

Rachel Jones

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5 things to pray in a global crisis

Rachel Jones

Due to coronavirus, many people have been praying, a lot of them those who never really prayed before. But it has also left many people wondering what they should pray, or even questioning whether prayer makes any difference at all.  5 things to pray in a global crisis offers answers to these questions.

This is a short book which explores different aspects of life during coronavirus. With things that we thought to be stable proving to be fragile after all, 5 things to pray in a global crisis wisely starts with praying for our own hearts. Once we re-establish ourselves in our God, we can better focus on the needs of others.

Then 5 suggestions for prayer are taken from a Scripture passage for each section, eg the second section, ‘Comfort when I am lonely’ is based on Psalm 139:

‘Praise God that, even when we feel at our most alone and unknown, He sees us and understands us perfectly. It may be that no one else can share in what we’re doing or see how we’re feeling, but God is familiar with all our ways (v 3)’

Then we move outward to needs of family, including ‘Loved ones whom I cannot visit’ - based on Paul’s longing to see the Thessalonians (1 Thessalonians 3). Next we move further out into society, eg ‘Praying for healthcare’, written by a doctor on a covid-19 ward, is very down to earth.

Then there are some ways to pray for one’s church, including vulnerable friends:
‘Pray that this season of isolation would be a time of real spiritual progress for your friend. Pray that they would come out the other side abounding in the fruit of the Spirit.’

Finally we pray for kingdom growth. ‘In my community’ highlights Paul’s attitude while he was under house arrest in Rome, and how he shared the gospel there (Acts 28).

There are many ways to use 5 things to pray in a global crisis. We can pray through the 5 things in each section sequentially or we may prefer to dip in and out.

'This book takes an old idea, tested and tried throughout the ages - a prayer list - and turns it into a thought-provoking, vision-expanding, prayer-stimulating tool.  This books is small enough to fit into your pocket, but big enough to change your life.  Simple, but brilliant.'  Dr Sinclair B Ferguson, Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

Rachel Jones is an editor at a Christian publishing house.  She is also the author of all the other titles in the 5 things to pray series.  She lives to the south of London in England, and leads young adults in her local church in studying the Bible.


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