CHRISTIAN BOOK CLUBS – Get more out of your books

When we share how we have been touched by a book, we are all enriched.

Two people often read the same Christian book, but God uses it to impact them in completely different ways.  When we share with each other how God is moving in our lives, we learn from each other.  Not only are relationships deepened in Christian Book Clubs, but new possibilities are opened up.

That is my dream for Christian Book Clubs.

Christian Book Clubs - Coffee & Chat - Buy Christian Books Online hereI ran a Christian Book Club near Bray, Co Wicklow for about a year to see how it would work, and it was a great success.  I was really blessed myself by the insights of others, and the fellowship that we had together.  In that case, we met  on the first Friday of each month, starting at 11.00am sharp, but with ‘open house’ from 10.30am for those who liked to drink coffee beforehand.  Being on my premises, the people who came also liked to browse in the Bookshop!

Perhaps you would like to get together with a group of friends to start your own Christian Book Club in a home, or to start this as a ministry in your church building.  I would be delighted to help you to get it off the ground, and to supply the books each month at a special discount.  If you would like to investigate this, please click here to Contact us, indicating what you have in mind.

Most Book Clubs meet once a month to discuss a book which each person has read since the previous meeting.  The books which I supply are quite varied, and supplied at the special discount, so that there is no need to go hunting for them.