For 8 to 11 years

Reading is really important for 8 to 11 years.  Children from Christian homes really enjoy discovering characters in these books that are just like them.  Brought up with similar worldviews, the characters encounter challenges with which they can identify.  Books like these can help this age group process what is going on in their own lives.  Whatever their background, children love these stories as the Christian themes are presented in an engaging way, without religious jargon.

Buy Online at - Books for Chlidren and Young People from 8 to 11 yearsSOME KEY TITLES:  A pennyworth of peppermints is an exciting story bringing out what family life was like during World War 1.

I want to be an airline pilot, introduces children to a rural African culture.  It has two sequels, Living in hope and Under the tamarind tree, .  They gently raise the issue of child slavery, and introduce the challenges of a coping with a big life change.  The birthday shoes also involves travelling to Africa, but in an exciting and very different way.

Deepest darkness is quite a unique book.  It is perfect for any reader who tends to worry a lot, and it has a gentle narrative.  The main character faces her crippling fears, and discovers that life can be surprisingly different.  The treasure hunt and Mystery in the snow are real life adventures set in the context of a church youth club.

All these titles for 8 to 11 years are also suitable for reading and as discussion starters in a youth club, a Sunday school or a Church based school.

For 8 to 11 years