The happy intercessor


Beni Johnson

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Beni Johnson's personal journey to becoming The happy intercessor will take you on an exciting adventure to capture the heartbeat of heaven.  From her violent shaking experience to the 'thin place' between heaven and earth where supernatural spirituality is commonplace, you will be amazed and empowered with the joy she shares.

Being addicted to God's presence brings comfort and peace to all believers - becoming a happy intercessor is within your reach.  You can make a difference in your family, workplace, community, nation, and world.

Filled with modern - day experiences and relevant ancient truths, you will learn why:

  • Mystics and mystical experiences are important today
  • Praying in tongues can lead to powerful intercession
  • Intercession is the fruit of being with Him
  • Today's children can prophesy with purity
  • You should lead an offensive lifestyle

You will be encouraged and inspired by the depths of love and knowledge shared in The happy intercessor.  Even the weariest warrior will jump for joy as a cool, cleansing balm washes over body, soul, and spirit.

Beni Johnson and her husband, Bill, are the senior pastors of Bethel Church in Redding, California.  They serve a growing number of churches that have partnered for revival.  Beni oversees Bethel's intercessors and Prayer House.  Her approach to intercession makes supernatural connection with the Lord accessible to all.  Bill and Beni have three children.


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