The trading floors of heaven




Robert Henderson

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The trading floors of heaven

Robert Henderson & Beverly Watkins

The trading floors of heaven is the fifth of Robert Henderson's books on the courts of heaven, this time co-written with Beverly Watkins.  It follows on from Operating in the courts of heaven, Unlocking destinies from the courts of heaven, and Receiving healing from the courts of heaven, and Prayers & declarations that open the courts of heaven.  I would strongly recommend that you read them in that order, as each one builds on the teaching in the previous titles.

I had thought that a trading floor was only something to do with an earthly stock exchange.  But Robert Henderson explains that there are spiritual trading floors.  Little wonder then that our societies reflect this, as they all function through trading at some level.

'Trading in the natural is ancient and all encompassing.  From the earliest times, people have traded the goods they had to get the goods that they did not have.  This early barter trade gave way to mediums of exchange like furs, salt, and weapons, before coins were introduced around 600 BC.  This paved the way for the creation of currencies and monetary instruments that we use in our economic system today.  Trading [this mutual exchange of goods and services] is the basis of every economy and the way in which all kingdoms expand.  Think about it for a moment.  Every time you go into a store, you trade for something ..... In the natural, we all trade all the time.  We trade what we have to lay hold of the things that we do not have.'

The trading floors of heaven opened my eyes to see many Scriptures in a new light.  The enemy even has trading floors.  Consider that well know Scripture - 'the wages of sin is death', Romans 6: 23.  But the practical relevance of this teaching is perhaps best illustrated by a personal testimony from Beverly Watkins:

'I seemed to get sick a lot more often than anyone else in my family.  Nothing at all that serious, but if there was a bug going around, I would get it.  As a believer, many people would offer to pray with me when I was ill, but it never seemed to work.  Until the day that my husband jokingly said to me, "Well, you like to be sick!" I was so offended!  After I got over my offense, I took his statement to the Lord and really started searching my heart about this.  I did not like the physical symptoms, but I was actually looking for the attention it would win me.  As I looked at each situation more closely, I realized that it was each time that I felt rejected that I seemed to fall ill.  I was using sickness to deal with my rejection. [How messed up is that!]

Once I realized that, I repented and went to a friend to get some healing around my rejection issues.  The next time that I got sick, I stepped onto God's trading floor.  I presented myself as a living sacrifice, opening my heart to pour out my insecurities to Him, and allowed Him to minister to me.  Then I took that sickness and laid it on the trading floor and I received, by faith, my healing.  I want to tell you that I made a miraculous overnight recovery!  I traded a place of sickness in my physical body for the divine nature of health and healing.  At first I was not sure exactly how it would work, because I was trading sickness [nothing very holy or exciting] and expecting healing in return.  But that is the wonder of the cross.  He took the "yucky stuff" so that we can get the "good stuff".  That is what I call a divine exchange!

So this is a very practical book!

'One of my first observations regarding Robert Henderson ... was his insatiable hunger for the word of God ... I soon realized that he knew the Scriptures extremely well ... in fact far beyond most leaders I have worked with.  This hunger for truth has certainly not gone unrewarded:  the Holy Spirit ... continues to honour it with great revelation.'Dutch Sheets

Robert Henderson has been in ministry since the mid 1980s  He travels worldwide teaching on the material in this and his other books.  He lives in Texas with his wife Mary.


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