Prayers & declarations that open the courts of heaven




Robert Henderson

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Prayers & declarations that open the courts of heaven

Robert Henderson

Prayers & declarations that open the courts of heaven is the fourth of Robert Henderson's books on the courts of heaven, and follows on from Operating in the courts of heaven, Unlocking destinies from the courts of heaven, and Receiving healing from the courts of heaven.  I would strongly recommend that you read them in that order, as each one builds on the teaching in the previous titles.

In his introduction to this fourth volume, Robert Henderson explains how these volumes came about:

'As I have sought to progess in the Courts of Heaven, I have gleaned ideas and concepts to approach this realm.  This has been and continues to be one of the greatest thrills of my life.  I have for many years had a heart for prayer.  God has graciously taught me many things as I have endeavoured to be more effective.  The Courts of Heaven, however, has been without question the single most important revelation I have received.  This insight has caused me to understand dimensions of the spirit I had no concept of before.  This began to come into view as I saw that Jesus places prayer in three distinct realms.

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, in Luke 11 and then in Luke 18, Jesus revealed three dimensions from which we can pray.  He spoke of approaching God as Father [see Luke 11: 2].  He then spoke of approaching God as Friend [see Luke 11: 5 - 8].  In Luke 18: 1 - 8, Jesus then places prayer in a judicial system where we must approach God as Judge.  Judges, of course, rule over judicial systems and courts.  There is a very real Court in heaven that we have been given the right to approach.  Daniel 7: 10 gives one of the clearest pictures of this spiritual dimension:  A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him.  A thousand thousands ministered to Him;  ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him.  The court was seated, and the books were opened.'

He continues by examining many Scriptures, from which he draws out out the protocols for operating in the Courts of Heaven.  However this volume is quite different to those which precede it.  It presents many sample prayers and declarations for breakthrough from the Courts of Heaven.  These are prayers that we can pray as they are, or adapt under God's guidance to specific situations.  It really is a practical handbook.  Each chapter presents teaching on a particular aspect of operating in the Courts, and then provides a sample prayer.  Chapters include cleansing bloodlines, opening our books of destiny, resetting timings, receiving healing, unlocking wealth, and receiving revival, amongst others.

'One of my first observations regarding Robert Henderson ... was his insatiable hunger for the word of God ... I soon realized that he knew the Scriptures extremely well ... in fact far beyond most leaders I have worked with.  This hunger for truth has certainly not gone unrewarded:  the Holy Spirit ... continues to honour it with great revelation.' Dutch Sheets

Robert Henderson has been in ministry since the mid 1980s  He travels worldwide teaching on the material in this and his other books.  He lives in Texas with his wife Mary.


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