Receiving healing from the courts of heaven




Robert Henderson

Receiving healing from the courts of heaven

Robert Henderson

Receiving healing from the courts of heaven is the third of Robert Henderson's books on the courts of heaven, and follows on from Operating in the courts of heaven, and Unlocking destinies from the courts of heaven.  I would strongly recommend that you read them in that order, as the each one builds on the teaching in the previous titles.

In this third volume, Robert Henderson raises the question of those whom we don't see healed, even though they seek healing diligently.  They do everything that they know to do, and they attempt to operate in faith.  They have the 'right' people pray for them, and they pursue wholeness and wellness, it would appear, with all of their hearts.  Yet they remain sick and diseased, or even worse they die prematurely.  Are these all just cruel games, or even lies?  Is this healing business really real?  Or are we missing a very important part that could unlock healing for those who haven't yet found it.

As Robert Henderson learnt about the courts of heaven, he began to see that some people were not healed because the devil had a legal right to hold them in sickness.  There was some issue which he was using to allow sickness to stay attached tho them.  In order for them to be healed, this legal right had to be revoked in the courts of heaven.

'One of my first observations regarding Robert Henderson ... was his insatiable hunger for the word of God ... I soon realized that he knew the Scriptures extremely well ... in fact far beyond most leaders I have worked with.  This hunger for truth has certainly not gone unrewarded:  the Holy Spirit ... continues to honour it with great revelation ...

It has come as no surprise for those who know him that Robert is now linking this teaching to the subject of divine healing..  For many years, he has been used greatly in this area of ministry, praying for many people who have been healed.  It has, in fact, been one of his passions.  While observing him pray for people however, what stood out to me was the intensity of his desire.  I have seen many, many people pray for sick and suffering individuals.  I don't believe, however, that I have ever seen anyone do so with more passion and determination to see the suffering individual healed ...

That same passion comes through the pages of Receiving healing from the courts of heaven.  It is obvious when reading it that the words are coming from one who is desperate in his desire to see people healed.  You'll sense that passion, and reap the rewards.'  Dutch Sheets

Robert Henderson has been in ministry since the mid 1980s  He travels worldwide teaching on the material in this and his subsequent books.  He lives in Texas with his wife Mary.


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