Wunderland – Vol 1 – Issue 1


Baden Stanley

Illustrated by Darren Nesbitt

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Welcome to Wunderland.

It is a land like no other, full of ‘Wunder’ and delight, created by imaginative author Baden Stanley.  It’s a land where the forgotten toys learn how to bring the real ‘Wunder’ of Christmas to Jonathan and Luke.  Their adventures bring them into conflict with the ‘bathroom frogs’, who will stop at nothing to find out the secrets of Wunderland

Wunderland is an exciting comic series launched in December 2015, but it is not just for Christmas.  There will be 7 issues in each volume.  They are also ideal for colouring.

Age guideline: up to XXX years

Baden Stanley is the Church of Ireland Rector of Bray Parish, and as he says himself, he has an overactive imagination!  He originally wrote the Wunderland stories for his own children, but is now developing them into comics so that others can share the ‘Wunder’.

He writes, ‘If truth be told, I do spend a lot of Wunderland time with my eyes closed, not snoozing or even resting my eyelids, but praying and picturing where Wunderland goes next.  It has always been the case that God is the author of these stories;  my role is very much that of a Steward and Storyteller.  I believe the stories of Wunderland are already written in the heart of God.  My job is to pass them on, to tell them in ways that ignite ‘Wunder’ and Hope.