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Original Action Heroes found here!

People don't usually think of God in this way, but God is the original Action Hero.  Everyone is so impressed when Superman blows a car over, yet God did so much more;  He created the whole universe with His breath.  Superman may save the day with his strength, but The Action Bible conveys how Jesus' salvation is so much greater.

Then there are the humans whom God chose to fulfil His divine plan.  They were pretty awesome, although imperfect Action Heroes themselves.  Samson waded into an army of Philistines, killing them with nothing more than a donkey's jawbone.  Esther risked the wrath of a temperamental king to save God's people.  Every few years there's another action movie about Robin Hood or King Arthur.  But Hollywood tends to forget about King David, a shepherd boy who lived as an outlaw long before he became king.  He was a part of history long before both of those legends.

The Action Bible is a very different book of Bible stories, for it's in Comic style.  But unlike most Bible story books, it doesn't contain just a small selection of stories.  Instead it includes 215 accounts.  These are arranged according to chronology, building one on another to give a fast-paced overview of the Bible narrative.  The illustrations and colours are vibrant and energetic, and spur us on to keep reading to find out what happened.  The contemporary designs will appeal to all ages, primarily to adults, but also to teenagers.

But these are not just exciting stories from the past.  The Action Bible will inspire us all to be God's Action Heroes in our day, whatever our circumstances.

Doug Mauss is the Editor.
Sergio Cariello is the illustrator, and previously worked for Marvel and DC Comics.


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