Books behind bars collaborates with Release Prison Partnership in the Books behind bars ministry.  Release is a ministry which works within the Irish Prison Service.  They know that Jesus Christ loves all those who are imprisoned.  He desires a relationship with every prisoner.  So Release volunteers aim to make disciples behind bars.  They run a series of programmes within prisons, including Alpha, Addiction Recovery, Communication, and Parenting.  In addition, they also visit, mentor, support and encourage many individual prisoners every week.  Christian books are also an important way for prisoners to become disciples.

Books Behind Bars category - Buy Christian Books Online hereYou can get involved in blessing a prisoner by purchasing one or more books online here.  We will then deliver your order to Release to gift to individual prisoners.  Along with Release, I have compiled the list of books below which are particularly suitable.  But we encourage any of our books which will help a prisoner to grow in faith and change their life.

All you need to do is select Books behind bars at Checkout.  At that point, if you wish, you can also enter a personal note of encouragement.  This will be delivered with your order, along with your first name.  We keep other personal details strictly confidential.   Because of security requirements, we regret that Books behind bars orders cannot be gift wrapped.  Nor can we accept second hand books.

We have also supplied quantities of Christian books to prison libraries.  This is in partnership with Release and with Speaking Volumes.  You can read about this exciting project here.

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