Exploring the Psalms



Jacqui Grace

Exploring the Psalms is not just a Colouring Journal;  it's a lot more.

If you like devotional colouring, you will enjoy colouring the images from 10 favourite Psalms.  If you like journalling, there is plenty of space to do just that in response to these same 10 Psalms.

But this is also the perfect introduction for anyone who has not yet explored colouring or journalling as part of their devotional time.  To help you get started, the images are not too intricate.  Some of the journalling pages have thought provoking prompts, such as this one in response to Psalm 103: 11 - 12:

'Have you ever wondered how much God loves you?
What does it mean to you to know that you are loved with an unconditional and immeasurable love?'

There are just enough devotional thoughts to prompt you, while still giving you freedom to reflect in your own way. There are also a few creative craft projects to consider.  At the end there are pages with a creative template for Bible Study, a Prayer Diary, and space for Answers to Prayer, and Verses to Remember.

'The phrase "Selah" is often used in the Psalms and is translated as "to pause, stop and breathe", instead of rushing on to the next thing ...'

I am sure that Exploring the Psalms will help you to slow down and be still, as you seek the presence of God

Gold foil enhances the front cover, and the paper is a lovely heavy quality.  There are 72 pages, and the dimensions are 17.8cm x 22.8cm, which makes Exploring the Psalms big enough for devotional colouring, yet not too large for carrying around.

Jacqui Grace describes herself as a Christian, wife, mother, artist, and doodler!  She is excited by all kinds of art and craft.  Her work is inspired by Scripture, and she is passionate about colour, pattern, and texture.  She has also designed inspirational Colouring Books, such as Images of Hope.

To accompany Exploring the Psalms, we recommend the complementary set of 24 beautiful Colouring pencils with Bible verses.

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