Taking on Goliath



Barbara Yoder

Barbara Yoder has blessed the body of Christ with revelation and a challenge to the saints to be the warrior generation.  If you have a desire to demonstrate to the world that there is no God comparable to our Lord Jesus Christ, then the truths in Taking on Goliath will make you free, and the warrior spirit will be activated within you.

We must become warriors for our personal victories and successful ministries.  As warriors we will be more effective in destroying the works of the devil and bringing God’s kingdom to this world.  The warrior generation is predestined to destroy the principalities over cities, nations and kingdoms until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord Jesus and His church.

Barbara Yoder‘s primary biblical illustration is David the worshipping warrior.  As a youth he went to battle against the mighty giant Goliath.  When he became king of Israel, he went to war against all who were in the land that God promised to Abraham.  David and his army killed hundreds of thousands of the enemy, and expanded the kingdom of Israel to its prophesied borders.  The New Testament calls David a man after God’s own heart.  If we are going to be people with God’s own heart, then we must be worshipers of God and mighty warriors for Jesus Christ.

There are more than enough scriptures and biblical examples in Taking on Goliath to convince you that you have the right and responsibility to be a warrior in God’s army.  Only the overcoming warriors are promised a place of rulership in God’s eternal kingdom.  May you hear what the Spirit is saying to the church and become one with the warrior generation.

Barbara Yoder serves on the Board of Christian International, the ministry that Sharon Stone is part of.  She is well known for her cutting edge apostolic and prophetic breakthrough ministry.  She travels widely ministering in churches, conferences and seminars.