Stepping into the impossible




Mark Marx

Stepping into the impossible

Mark Marx

It was 2006 when I first travelled up to visit the fledgling Healing on the Streets ministry in Coleraine in Northern Ireland.  Since then it has spread all around the world.  Imagine my delight when its founder, Mark Marx recounted the story in Stepping into the impossible.

He starts by sharing his own upbringing by an alcoholic father, his successful career in interior design, and then reaching rock bottom at age 30.  This paved the way for him to begin his journey with Jesus.  Gradually he was drawn to pray for healing, and then became an Assistant Pastor.  He led mission teams out in street evangelism, and trained churches to pray for healing.  But he was frustrated at the accepted practice of going out to invite people to come into church to attend a healing meeting, rather than bringing healing out to the people on the streets.  It was that frustration that eventually led to Healing on the Streets.

The accounts of healing in Stepping into the impossible will encourage you to pray for healing, whether in church or outside.  I was inspired by the stories of people with no prior experience who saw lives changed as they released healing while going about their everyday activities.  That most of these healings took place on the island of Ireland seems to increase their impact.

You may be inspired that Healing on the Streets could work in your community.  It’s certainly a ministry that is reproducible, transferable and sustainable.  Details of how to access training and materials are given at the end.


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