Celtic poetry to bring you closer to God

Craig A Roberts

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Serenity is a collection of Celtic style poems.  It is the first release of new Irish publishing house Wild Goose.  I found that the words stilled my spirit, and drew me closer to the Holy Trinity.  They include themes of journey, of creation and the rhythm of the seasons, of God always intimately with us, of letting go and following Him, of discovering Him in new ways and unexpected places, of nourishment and peace.  I expect that God will speak through these words in different ways to each of us.

So Celtic is his style, that I was surprised to learn that poet Craig A Roberts is a New Zealander.  He includes some references to southern hemisphere birds and tress, for which there is a short glossary at the end.

Rather than write any more, I will share a poem from Serenity.  This one is about the Wild Goose, a Celtic symbol of the Holy Spirit:

Heart of the Wild Goose

Upon the wind He comes.
The heart of the wild goose
seeks me, desires me
to fly with Him, to follow.
Listen, listen, hear His call.

My heart moves, pumps quick,
I search sea and stormy skies,
my soul hears His call,
my mind amazed with wonder,
His presence becomes my strength.

Once more wild wings fly
upon the storm seeking you
who wait in hiding.
His breath comes with words of love
touching souls with gifts of hope.

Craig A Roberts lives in the lower North Island of New Zealand near the city of Wellington, on a narrow agricultural coastal plain between mountains and the Cook Straight.  He worked as a leadership coach, encouraging innovation and personal change.  He loves Bible reading and contemplative prayer.  Now, he spends his days writing full-time.  He evokes the ancient paths by writing in a Celtic style.  He finds that in poetry he can explore themes that are difficult to articulate in other mediums, or difficult to face in prose.


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