God’s supernatural power


Bobby Conner

Heaven and hell pose the same question to each of us.  The Spirit of God and the devil alike want to know:  “Who do you think you are?”

Bobby Conner considers this such an important question because the eternal destiny of millions rides on the answer.  The body of Christ today is having an identity crisis of unprecedented proportions.  If we are to fulfill our spiritual destiny, we must know who we are.  But first we must understand who Christ is – only in relation to Him can we comprehend our true spiritual identity.

Although we are made in God’s image, He made us unique.  God delights to display Himself in our individuality – He loves diversity.

Discover who you are through God’s Supernatural Power!

Bobby Conner ministers in a high-level, proven prophetic anointing.  His call is to equip the body of Christ to hear and discern God’s voice, and he has ministered in many countries for more than 30 years.