God’s healing for businesses




David Shadbolt

Can the activities of businesses be affected by spiritual factors, just as individuals are?  Author and business advisor David Shadbolt believes so.  "God is interested in our businesses and wants to speak to us about them", he says.  David contends that business people can ask God to reveal spiritual issues that need addressing in their business and allow Him to bring change in those areas.  God's healing for businesses introduces the basic concept of praying into your business and gives practical examples as well as suggested prayers for "healing", "restoration" and "unlocking".

"David's book is real, spiritual and practical ... it charts a course from lack of success to the place of breakthrough.  Read it and apply it, and your business will not be the same!"  Graham Cooke

David Shadbolt is a business advisor with a difference.  He travels widely and has a unique ministry to the business community.  David's home base is with his wife and son in England.


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