Generational and family blessings



Ruth Hawkey

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The Scriptures tell us that our Heavenly Father desires to pour out blessings upon His children, upon those who trust in Him and have been born again into His family through His son, Jesus Christ.  The Scriptures also affirm that God desires to bless our families and our future generations.  Generational and family blessings considers the biblical foundations of how this can be achieved.  In a direct and clear way, Ruth Hawkey explains the conditions under which we can expect to receive God's blessing.

For those in prayer ministry, Generational and family blessings also explores how we can bless others, as well as suggesting some keys which may be used in order to help set people free.

Topics covered include:

  • Generational blessing
  • Household blessing
  • Hindrances to blessing
  • Keys to freedom

Ruth Hawkey, together with her husband, has ministered healing to many hundreds of people.  Former directors of Ellel Ministries UK and Canada, they travel widely, training people and ministry teams in how to work with the Holy Spirit to bring people into healing and wholeness.


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