Fruit for eternity



Ashley Schmierer

Fruit for eternity is the story of Ashley Schmierer‘s journey from being a fruit grower in Australia to being a church planter in England, but with an international ministry.  Ashley has seen more happen through his ministry in a few years than many see in a lifetime.  As you read Fruit for eternity your dreams will forever be stirred to do something great for God.

“If you follow Me, you will bear fruit for eternity” was God’s call.  He and his wife, Ruth, left their farm to be trained for ministry, facing challenges and extraordinary experiences along the way, before later pastoring a church.  Ashley established a Ministry Training School in the Solomon Islands from which hundreds of men and women pioneered new churches across South Pacific island nations.

Called by God to train people in Europe, in 1993 Ashley Schmierer was filled afresh with God’s Spirit and moved with his family to England.  As the Holy Spirit moved, a new church was rapidly established in Brighton.  Men and women were soon trained and sent out across Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Scores of Christian leaders across diverse cultures now call Ashley their spiritual father, because he trained them pesonally by imparting both God’s word and life’s principles.

Ashley Schmierer is now the International President of Christian Outreach Centre and works strategically with national church leaders across most continents of the world.  He has been part of several distinctive moves of God’s Spirit, seeing many amazing miracles.  He lives to help people fulfil their God-given destiny and reach many with the good news of Jesus Christ.