Fighting for your prophetic promises



Barbara Wentroble

  • What exactly is prophetic ministry?
  • I received a prophetic word – now what?
  • Is it possible that I could have a prophetic gifting?
  • Will everything I hear be from the Lord?
  • Why hasn’t the ‘word’ I received been fulfilled yet?
  • How does spiritual warfare relate to the prophetic?
  • Do I have to receive a word in church for it to count?

Prophecy and prophetic ministry are complicated topics.  This Biblical gift is shunned by some and overemphasized by others.  Where is the balance?  And is a word from the Lord fulfilled automatically, or do you sometimes have to fight for it?

Fighting for your prophetic promises is a comprehensive, accessible guide.  Barbara Wentroble lays the Biblical foundation for prophetic ministry, and shows how you can walk in Biblical wisdom and avoid common pitfalls.  You can discover the incredible blessing that comes from receiving, releasing + actually fighting for a word from Him.

Fighting for your prophetic promises is for overcomers, warriors and giants:  people who want to rise up and occupy till He comes.  I heartily recommend it”  Graham Cooke

Barbara Wentroble has been involved as an apostolic leader in the global prayer movement sinde the 1990s.  She is the founder and director of International Breakthrough Ministries and travels extensively, conducting leadership conferences around the world.