Celery Brown & the courts of heaven



Karen R Ingerslev

Books for adults on the courts of heaven are very popular, especially those by Robert Henderson.  They put words on ways that many have prayed for years, and they share real life testimonies.  But a blessing for me is to read books for all ages, in order to know what to recommend to my customers.  I was quite surprised to find that I really enjoyed Celery Brown & the courts of heaven.  It's a teen story book on the same theme.  It inspired me to avail more of the courts of heaven in personal prayer.

Celery Brown is the main character.  Her best friend Ivy has moved to America for her Dad’s job.  But neither Celery nor Ivy are happy about that.  So Ivy asks Jesus to let her see the heavenly book of her life, and she sees a map of England in her future.  Then Ivy suggests that they go to the courts of heaven about this for 40 days.  She explains:

‘I’ve never actually been there … But Jesus can teach us, can’t He?  We can imagine stepping into heaven and visiting the court room and seeing what Jesus shows us once we’re there.’

That’s exactly what they do.  Gradually they move from trying to change God’s mind, to discovering how He feels.  They check in with each other regularly by video call, and they are amazed that God is showing them the same things.

I won’t tell you the outcome of Celery Brown & the courts of heaven.  But alongside their visits to the courts, Celery feels lonely now that Ivy has gone, and her older sister is jealous.  But she bravely prays for healing when another girl is injured on the netball court.

Age guideline:  9 - 12 years.

Karen R Ingerslev is the author of the Celery Brown books, and also of the Livi Starling series for a slightly older age group.  She shows that supernatural adventures can be part of the ups and downs of everyday life for all of us.


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