Blessings for life



Sylvia Gunter & Elizabeth Gunter

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The Bible is full of Blessings for life. That’s because they are something that we all need.  When someone speaks a blessing over us, they are speaking words of truth about how God sees us and loves us.

All mankind was created in the image of the Trinity with spirit, soul and body.  But it is through our human spirits that we can connect with God.  Our souls are more horizontally oriented to what is around us.  We surrender our spirits to be led by the Holy Spirit, and then our spirits can direct our souls and bodies into the ways of God’s kingdom.

When we speak blessings over our spirits, we invite them to take their rightful place of priority and leadership.  As we nourish our spirits with blessings, our souls and bodies in turn become more healthy and whole.

This book contains 50 blessings, each one page long, based on Scripture, and written by a mother, Sylvia Gunter, and her daughter, Elizabeth Gunter.  Particularly in uncertain times, I would recommend that you first read them over your own spirit.  They will root you further into the love of your heavenly Father, drawing you into your true identity.  Then out of the overflow of what God does in you, you can speak them over others.  Later in the book, there are blessings for particular life situations, to be adapted as appropriate.

Blessings for life also includes some teaching on why we bless our spirits, some answers to frequent questions, and Scriptures about the human spirit.

Sylvia Gunter has devoted her life to the message of who God is, and who we are in Him  Her heart is for Christians to develop intimacy with their loving Father and to know their authority in Christ.  She has written many books on prayer.  She lives in Alabama, USA.

Eizabeth Gunter is also an author and speaker.  Her desire is that believers will live in the fullness of their spirit, soul and body, aligning themselves with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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