A tale of two prophets



Jo Sheringham

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I used to get Elijah and Elisha mixed up, but not any more, having read A tale of two prophets.  This is a unique re-telling of their stories.

Jo Sheringham has taken the Biblical accounts, and let her imagination loose.  She has produced an account which fully conveys how epic were their tales.  Political intrigues, natural disasters, ministering angels, and spiritual battles abound.  She has set the lives of the two prophets against a future backdrop.  Eg God sends a solar powered landship to transport Elijah to Zarephath!  At times this is amusing, but it never seems disrespectful of the Biblical narrative.  What’s more, she gives us a glimpse into what it must have felt like personally to have been a great prophet of God.  We realise that they didn’t always feel so great.  After Elisha miraculously multiplies the widow’s oil, he tells us:

‘It is often so difficult to see the end of a problem, or that there will ever be an end to a problem at all.  But when it happens, when the light of a miracle dawns, there is nothing, nothing at all, with which to compare it.  When the Lord answers and sends His word, then obedience opens the door.  When a hope is realised, then a prophet can sing, and rest in the true knowledge that his God is enough.’

I’ve often listened to preaching about these prophets, and taken part in Bible studies.  But A tale of two prophets gave me far more grasp of what they accomplished with God.

Jo Sheringham has a lively imagination, and she thinks 'outside the box'.  Her fiction works have unusual settings, but also explore profound themes such as forgiveness.  She loves Old Testament stories, and her Biblical fictions help us to consider well-known tales from a fresh angle.


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