The prophetic perspective



Mark Chironna

The prophetic perspective stirs up a lot of spiritual questions such as:

  • What does ‘prophetic’ really mean?
  • What are the dynamics involved when the Church is fulfilling its prophetic responsibilities?
  • How does a sense of the prophetic enhance worship?
  • How has the term ‘prophetic’ fallen into misuse and abuse?

Mark Chironna, a seasoned and proven prophetic voice in the kingdom of God and the body of Christ, gives answers to these questions and many more that are based solidly on Scripture and personal experiences.

Mark Chironna raises the standard for us on what a true prophetic ministry looks like and what a true prophet today is to exemplify”  James Goll

Topics in The prophetic perspective include:

  • The ascension gifts
  • The prophetic in context of the ascension gifts
  • The person of the prophet
  • The new apostolic reformation

The prophetic need not be mysterious, confusing or a source of contention.  It is a unique aspect of God’s rich kingdom that you can be part of and from which you can reap great rewards.

Mark Chironna is the founder and Senior Pastor of Church on the Living Edge in Orlando, Florida.  With the nurturing heart of an apostolic father and the veil-rending cry of a proven prophetic ministry to the nations, he serves to empower believers and equip the body of Christ in this age.