Love’s first look

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The poetics of contemplation 1

Collected poems, 2007 to 2010

Sarah Fordham

Sarah Fordham is a poet and experienced workshop facilitator.  The workshops she offers include:  Poetry and Faith (poems about faith from Muslim, Christian and Jewish poets), Poems that Nourish, Psalm Readings and A Place Within (poems by Karol Wojtyla – Pope John Paul II).  Sarah is currently working on her MA dissertation about the poetry of Karol Wojtyla.

Although Sarah is based in London, she has premiered a number of her workshops with Bray Churches Together and Mountain View Community Church in Co. Wicklow, namely ‘Horizons of Hope’, ‘Watch with Me …’, ‘Change’, ‘Wonder’ and ‘Advent’.

‘Love’s first look’ represents three years of Sarah Fordham’s poetic output from 2007 to 2010.  Sarah says, ‘I hope that each poem unfolds into the next and forms as complete a reflection as possible of a period of time that belongs uniquely to me’.

From a review by Aubrey Malone in The Irish Catholic, 27 January 2011:  ‘There’s an invigorating sense of release in Sarah Fordham’s latest collection of poetry … in poems like Jesus on the cross and I see through a glass darkly she gives graphic expression to some deeply contemplative thoughts on the gospels … elsewhere she uses the passage of the seasons as emotive backdrops for her graphic imagery and drum-beat lyrics the present poems are more experimental – and more experiential.  They pay homage to a rich mother-lode of insight and I recommend that you read them.’