Leading as sons and daughters




Wendy Mann

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Leading as sons and daughters

Wendy Mann

I found Leading as sons and daughters at first reassuring, and then challenging, but then it gave me hope.  Wendy Mann anchors her teaching by recounting anecdotes from both her life as a leader and from her personal life, and she points out that we all lead in some way, for we all influence the people around us.

I identified with many of the stories in Leading as sons of daughters; stories in which Wendy Mann found herself uncomfortable or even upset in various situations.  But unlike her response, I don’t always recognize when I am responding as an orphan rather than a beloved child of God.  I learnt a lot from her bravery in taking these discomforts to God and asking Him to reveal their sources.  God of course always did that and healed her heart, just as He longs to do with us.  But so often we don’t operate from our true identity as His children.  Nor do we fully understand the unique ways in which He created us, and so we cannot work together with others to the best of our best ability.

‘When we are able to recognize what we are feeling and what our emotions are telling us, we are more likely to be able to stay healthy in our leadership and lead others into freedom.  If we embrace the journey of getting to know ourselves, we will be quicker to identify and do away with orphan thinking and behaviour.  As a result, we will be able to more wholeheartedly receive our sonship or daughterhood.’
Dr Michael Naughton, Bristol University Law School.

Wendy Mann is a younger leader based at The King's Arms Church in Bedford, England.  She loves to equip and release leaders, both young and not so young, in her role as a spiritual mother.


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