Kisses from a good God



Paul Manwaring

Kisses from a good God

Paul Manwaring

Kisses from a good God is the story of Paul Manwaring's journey from his diagnosis with aggressive prostate cancer.  He tells how through the prayers of believing friends and family, and his choice to undergo surgery, he was victorious over cancer.  He describes kisses from God as follows:

When it can feel that no one around you can quite understand what you are experiencing, there is One who knows.  And He sends messages, if you are looking for them - sweet messages, good messages, messages from the heart of a good God, pearls dropping from heaven just for you and for me.

As a nurse, he throws light on the relationship between the medical world and the supernatural encounters and interventions of God.  He redefines victory through the eyes of a cancer survivor saved by God through modern medicine.  He particularly deals with the shame that can accompany illness, a shame particularly felt by those whose healing doesn't come through prayer alone.

If you are now walking, or you have walked through a life-threatening illness or circumstance, or if you have watched a loved one endure such challenges, Kisses from a good God will walk with you through your journey.

Paul's profound discovery of the goodness of God and His perfect love, even in the midst of adversity, puts this wonderful story into a context that everyone can follow.  Bill Johnson

Paul Manwaring has been on the senior leadership team of Bethel Church, in Redding, California until recently.  He and his wife Sue are again based in England, and are building Global Legacy in Europe, Bethel's world-wide apostolic network.  Paul is a nurse, holds a management degree from Cambridge, and spent 19 years in senior prison management in England before moving to Bethel.


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