Heaven on earth


Alan Vincent

Don’t like the world you live in?  Then change it!

For too many years within evangelical Christianity , there has been no expectation of a visible manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth.  It was thought that, ‘if I believe, that is enough’.  But for many that is not enough!  Alan Vincent holds that our primary job on earth is to work together with the Holy Spirit to advance the kingdom of God here and now – to experience heaven on earth.

  • You can see your world changed from worldly to godly!
  • You can release the power and love of God into a world in desperate need!
  • You can change your world when you allow the Holy Spirit to release the power of God through you!

Heaven on earth will show you how to step out of Christian fatalism into the power and authority given to all children of God.

Alan Vincent is an anointed veteran of the faith who is known as an apostolic father and revelatory, prophetic teacher by leaders in many nations.  His teaching has built and established both church networks and individual believers to activate faith for huge things.  Originally from England, he lived and pioneered in India before moving to the United States.  Alan has ministered to us in Mountain View Community Church a number of times, most recently alongside his wife Eileen in 2015.