Healing through creativity



Fiona Horrobin

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Healing through creativity

Fiona Horrobin

I waited impatiently for Fiona Horrobin to complete Healing through creativity.  But it was well worth the wait.  It is a large format book, beautifully presented.  It would enhance the proverbial coffee table.  I was surprised at the variety of beautiful images contained inside, but then it is a book about creativity.

It is the culmination of the Healing Retreats of Ellel Ministries since 1986.  It more specifically reflects their Healing Through Creativity courses.  They discovered that creativity forms a bridge between the head and the heart.  Knowing God as a head exercise is so different to having a heart relationship with Him. Creative expression breaks through subconscious barriers, facilitating God’s healing of our innermost beings.

This is a book of two parts, and both parts are both spiritual and practical.  The first part shares the principles of healing through creativity. It explains how our identity is linked to and set free by creative expression.  The second part explores the practical outworking of these principles.  Fiona Horrobin makes it very clear that creativity does not necessitate being artistic.  But God uses many different creative elements to minister healing. Here is one simple example:

‘Making a greeting card prompts holding another person in min.  It facilitates God’s healing in the area of bonding with another through giving something of oneself.’

Fiona Horrobin illustrates her teaching by relevant anecdotes of healing.  In particular, Sarah’s story is woven through the narrative.  God used many forms of creativity to bring Sarah through to freedom from a place of extreme brokenness.

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Fiona Horrobin and her husband Peter founded Ellel Ministries in Lancashire in 1968.  Their aim was to minister healing into broken lives.  They have pioneered many keys to healing, which they have incorporated into training courses and books.   There are now Ellel centres worldwide.


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