When I read the history of Destiny Image Publishers.

Which is more important to you in a book, the grammar and spelling, or the content and the heart?

Recently I expressed my frustration to a Sales Rep about the American grammar in books from Destiny Image and some other publishers.  In response he asked if I had read the history of Destiny Image Publishers.

Here’s are some extracts from this history.  I pray you find them as inspiring as I do.

Destiny Image wasn’t founded by a successful businessman with a fool-proof business plan and millions of dollars in venture capital.  It was started by a man who heard from the Lord.

Don Nori was co-pastor of a vibrant church in Pennsylvania, where he functioned as the prophet arm of the five-fold ministry.  But he also worked for a local newspaper.

One afternoon, the Spirit of the Lord filled Don’s car.  Then God began to speak, ‘I have much to say to this generation, but nobody cares.  Nobody seems to know that I have much to say.  No one cares about My heart.’

As the Lord spoke, Don saw a vision of a Christian trade show.  Buyers scurried over the floor.  Sellers hawked their wares loudly.  Everyone was too busy to notice Don and the Lord walking among them.  ‘Look at them’, the Lord began sadly, ‘They are all so busy.  They all think they are doing My work, building My Kingdom, but none of them cares about My heart.  None of them cares about My purposes.  No one cares to know what I am doing in the land.  They are building their own kingdoms, securing their own place in the market.’

No sooner had the first vision ended than another began.  An editor sat at a desk, his sleeves rolled up to the elbows.  A prophet walked in carrying a very large stack of paper, placed his tome in front of the editor, and stood nervously.  Without once looking at or addressing the prophet, the editor went to work.  Muttering to himself, he began to scratch out large portions of text with his editor’s pen, ‘No one wants to hear this’.  He occasionally crumpled up entire sheets filled with words, ‘You can’t say that and get away with it’.  The prophet stood silently as the editor worked and mumbled, ‘You have to tell the people what they want to hear’.  The prophet never interfered, but lowered his head submissively and occasionally cringed as the editor dismantled the word God had given him.  It was clear that the prophet was willing to do anything to get his work published, even if it meant compromising what God had given him.

The voice of the Lord resounded with deep indignation as He spoke, ‘This is an abomination.  I am looking for a prophet to publish the prophets’.  Don found himself crying out to the Lord.  Without quite knowing what he was saying, Don responded to the call of the Lord.  ‘I care about what You have to say!  I care about Your heart!  I’ll do it!  I’ll publish the prophets!’

Then a music that was beyond beautiful flowed into his mind, ‘If you will guard My word as silver, and your integrity as gold, I will cause you to publish the prophets.  I will cause you to be to this generation what I intended another before you.’

Don drove slowly homeward.  His wife, Cathy sat in stunned silence as Don related to her what had happened to him.  It was his turn to be stunned when Cathy revealed that the Lord had spoken to her also.

Their minds were full of the fear of the unknown, and they knew nothing of publishing.  But with their hearts at peace in the Lord, they began planning.

As Don’s last day at his regular job approached, he asked the Lord what to call the new company.  The voice of the Lord spoke strongly to him, ‘Destiny Image, because you are destined to be conformed into My image’.  So in 1983 Destiny Image Publishers was born, and it would eventually become one of the largest and most well-respected companies on the Christian landscape.

Do I still dislike American grammar and spelling?  I suppose I do.  But after reading the history of Destiny Image, I hope that I will notice it less.