The road to maturity – 3 DVD set



Mary Pytches

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As Christians we are all on the road to maturity, but sometimes the journey is made harder by unresolved issues from the past which block our path.  The aim of The road to maturity - 3 DVD set is personal growth and transformation into the image of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is always at work to help us to bring about this transformation.  But is is vital that we play our part too.  God works wholeness in us, and we have to work it out in our lives.  Our part includes seeking to identify, admitting and removing, with the help of God, any blockages to growth.  In this course Mary Pytches helps us to uncover what these might be, and to implement their removal so that we may continue along the road unhindered by the past.

Suitable for individual or group use.  One participant's booklet is included in the DVD set.  If being used in a group, it is recommended that each participant have their own booklet - available separately.

Mary Pytches has an international speaking ministry.  She has many years experience of pastoral counselling, especially on issues of personal development.


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