The baby dedication box



Bethan James & Paola Bertolini Grudina

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The baby dedication box

Bethan James & Paola Bertolini Grudina

I’m glad the days have passed when those attending a baby dedication, baptism or christening used to insist on a black leather Bible as their gift.  I often tried to point out how long it would be before the infant would appreciate their generosity.  But nowadays there are many acceptable alternatives, and The baby dedication box is one of the best.

But what’s this about a box?  It’s actually three little books inside a beautiful box.  It closes with Velcro, and has a carry handle, so suitable for little ones.

The box comes in three different versions, suitable for families of different church traditions or none.
The baby dedication box is the perfect gift for a Dedication Ceremony.
But simply to celebrate the birth, there is also the The Baby Box - click here for details.
For a Baptism or Christening ceremony, there is the The Christening Box - click here for details.
No matter what the title, the contents of the books are the same:

My Baby Record Book – a beautiful book for the family to fill in as a keepsake.  There are spaces for the obvious milestones, as well as some slightly quirky ones.  I especially love the family trees.  Interspersed among the special moments and illustrations are some lovely prayers, like this one:

‘Father God, maker of all that is good, this new baby fills us with wonder and awe.  Thank You for giving us this precious new life to protect and nurture.  Help us through all the joys and struggles ahead to love and care for our new baby, this special gift from You.’

Baby’s First Prayers – filled with simple prayers, but full of meaning.  Some are based on Scripture, and others on well-known prayers.  The prayers are grouped in themes - God is great! – Thank You, God – Sorry – Family and friends – Day by day – The world around us – Prayers for others – Graces – Special times – Prayers at bedtime – Blessings.  I love this one:

‘Thank You for my friends, Lord.  Thank You for time to play together.  Thank You for story-time and books to look at.  Help me to be ready to share, and ready to say sorry if things go wrong.’

Baby’s Bible Stories – simple but profound accounts of stories from both Old and New Testaments, from ‘God made the world’ to ‘Plots and plans and lions’, and from ‘A long way to Bethlehem’ to ‘Breakfast by the lake’.

To listen to my review of The baby dedication box, The baby box, and The christening box, click on the arrow below. To adjust the sound, the volume bar is to the right.

Bethan James has written more than thirty children's books, drawing on her Christian faith and her experience as a youth worker, teacher and mother.  She lives with her family in rural England.

Paola Bertolini Grudina is a mother and a graphic designer.  She loves to share her Christian faith through her illustrations.  She lives with her family in Italy.


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