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Оксана та Ігор вирушили в подорож

A comforting bilingual Ukrainian / English picture book for displaced families

Оксана та Ігор вирушили в подорож - Oksana and Ihor Went on a Journey is a bilingual picture book in both Ukrainian and English.  The Ukrainian text is more prominent, and the English text is a little smaller.  You can click here to find out why I wrote it.

Thank you to Nick Park of EAI - Evangelical Alliance Ireland for his endorsement, and for his remarks about how God gives us creativity:

My dream is that wherever there is a Ukrainian accommodation centre in Ireland, Churches, Community Groups, and Schools will order a box of books to distribute.  But a group with no Ukrainians nearby can also order a box to go to a centre elsewhere that is not in a local community.  The bilingual text is also a good teaching aid, and it will help local children to understand their new classmates.

It tells the story of Oksana and Ihor, a Ukrainian brother and sister.  They start out in their happy home where they enjoy life together with their family and friends.  But bad things start to happen which are very frightening, and people are running away.  Then Oksana and Ihor escape too, and they go on a very long journey.  They go a long way from home and get very tired.  Finally they arrive in a new country, but it's not at all what they are used to.

The story continues with them remembering that Jesus also had to escape when He was young.  As 82% of Ukrainians identify as Christians, this story resonates with them.  It reminds them that Jesus understands how they feel.  They talk to Him about all their troubles, and they begin to feel better.

Now whenever they start to feel sad,
and whenever they start to feel scared,
they stop and they talk to Jesus.
He knows how they feel and He is with them,
so the scary, sad feelings get less.

There is a passage to read about Jesus' escape from a children's Bible, and a prayer that the child can pray.  On the back cover, there is a also similar encouragement for adults to turn to Jesus for comfort and help.

Оксана та Ігор вирушили в подорож - Oksana and Ihor went on a journey is suitable for reading aloud to the youngest child, while they look at the pictures.  But while reading ages differ from child to child, it would probably be a comfort to any child of primary school age.  It is a 20 page book in an A5 size suitable for cramped accommodation.  It opens flat for little hands to manage, and is in a silk finish suitable for sticky fingers.  For children who have left behind all their belongings, there is a 'This book belongs to' space to be filled in inside the front cover.

The story in English is by Julie Carvill of ChristianBooks.ie, and the Ukrainian translation is by Liudmyla Ponomarenko.  The illustations and design are by Lynda Shepherd of ColouringBox.  I am grateful to many others who have given invaluable advice and help.  You can click here to read about the amazing way that their contributions helped move this book from concept to reality in just 7 weeks.

You can listen below to my radio interview about the book on the God Talk programme on north Dublin's Near FM.  We start talking specifically about Oksana and Ihor Went on a Journey at 13:38.

Statistics from Wikipedia - click here for further details.

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