Immanuel: A Practicum



Patricia A Velotta

Immanuel: A Practicum

Patricia Velotta

The Immanuel approach to inner healing is unique in the way that it results in deep intimacy with God.  It restores one’s relationship with Him by removing the barriers of wounds, lies and sin, that are the consequences of unresolved trauma in one’s past.  This approach is part of the ‘times of refreshing’ that must be in place before Jesus is released to come for His bride.  This bride ‘not having spot or wrinkle’ will love the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, strength and mind.  As He removes the barriers, we are able to see Immanuel for who He truly is.  Then we can respond to His love while being transformed into His image.

Immanuel:  A Practicum is primarily a training manual in the Immanuel approach.    It is for you if:

  • You’ve discovered that having access to Jesus in the Spirit [seeing, hearing, feeling, and so forth] has changed and enriched your life.
  • You want to help everyone you know to share in this good news.
  • You understand that the old wounds, lies and sin that have formed barriers to knowing Jesus, that they have blocked intimacy with Him, and can be discovered, forgiven and healed.
  • You are willing to give Immanuel to those you care about, so that they can live in more righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Patricia Velotta , usually known as Patti, is the Pastor of Calvary Way  International Fellowship in Illinois, USA.  Her deep desire is to see others experience the joy and freedom that she has found through the Immanuel approach.  She is passionate about teaching this lifestyle through seminars and one-on-one training, both locally and internationally.  She is married to Mike, and they have three daughters.

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