God is really good – for kids




Bill Johnson, with Seth Dahl

Illustrated by Lamont Hunt

God is really good - for kids

Bill Johnson, with Seth Dahl, illustrated by Lamont Hunt

In God is really good - for kids, a Children’s Pastor and illustrator make the concepts in Bill Johnson's book God is good accessible to little ones.

Sparrow starts his day in a happy mood.  But then he discovers that Squirrel is running out of acorns, Owl’s eyesight isn’t very good anymore, and Puppy is fenced in.  These things make Sparrow really worried.  They all tell him not to worry, because God is good.  But then he finds that Goat is afraid of wild animals too.

As Sparrow listens to Goat, he too begins to feel afraid in the forest. It no longer feels the safe place it was this morning. Every shadow seems darker and every sound makes him jump ..… He is worried about all the problems his friends are having in the forest ….. Everyone keeps saying God is good and takes care of all of us, but I’m not so sure anymore.

I can certainly identify with that!

But fortunately Sparrow meets Lily.

Oh Sparrow, God is really good to you and to your friends. You’re having a tough time seeing it because you are so focused on everything you think is not good.

And she explains how God is looking after all his friends. Squirrel is even living in an oak tree. And where do acorns grow?

Sparrow realises now that all his worries really were for nothing. God had it handled ….. Sparrow lets go of all the worried he’s been holding on to ….. The world still has its problems, but Sparrow can be sure – God is really good!

God is really good - for kids is equally suitable for a child who can read, or for an adult to read aloud to them.  It is especially good for a child who sometimes feels that the world is a big, scary place.  But it will even encourage adults at the same time.

To listen to my review of this book, as well as the adult version God is good, click on the arrow below. To adjust the sound, the volume bar is to the right.

Bill Johnson is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California.  A fifth-generation pastor with a rich spiritual heritage in the power of the Spirit, Bill and his church family regularly see healings in areas ranging from cancer to broken bones, from learning disorders to emotional trauma.

Seth Dahl is the Children's Pastor at Bethel Church.  His passion is to connect children to the Father's heart, and to see them move in signs and wonders.  He and his wife live on a small farm with their three children.

Lamont Hunt is a character animator and illustrator.  He has won several awards for his work in films


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