Exploring heavenly places – Vol 1



Paul L Cox & Barbara Parker

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Exploring heavenly places - Vol 1

Paul L Cox & Barbara Parker

Exploring heavenly places is a new series of volumes from Aslan's Place that explores the complex and amazing world of the spiritual heavenly places that affect our physical world.  We suggest that you first read 'Heaven trek' and 'Come up higher', before embarking on this new series.  Volumes 1 and 2 of Exploring heavenly places are already available, and volume 3 is expected shortly.

Exploring heavenly places - Volume 1 includes chapters regarding aspects of our spirits, souls and bodies, to give us a basic grasp of these elements of our humanity and to help us to see how our beings interact with the unseen.  Wounding  shatters these aspects of our lives and prohibits us from becoming all that the Lord desires us to be, enabling the enemy to profit from what is rightfully ours.  The cure for the effects of this wounding and shattering will be further explored in the following volumes.

Paul L Cox writes, "Many years ago, the Lord revealed the secret of receiving His revelation - that it did not come to me directly, but always along with other believers.  I never receive the full picture without the input of others.  It is in such unity that new revelation is processed and grasped;  our journey together is what brings greater clarity in the wisdom of the Lord.  That is why this series it being written along with others."

Paul L Cox and his wife, Donna, live in California, USA.  They are the co-directors of Aslan's Place, a ministry dedicated to bringing freedom and wholeness to those who are wounded and captive.  Aslan's Place also equips the body of Christ in the ministry of spiritual warfare and in the exercise of the gift of discernment.  Paul and Donna have ministered globally and were last with us in Mountain View Community Church in Ireland in May 2015.  They have three children and seven grandchildren.

Barbara Parker serves others by sharing the faith lessons God has taught her through the everyday trials of life.  As a survivor of breast cancer and several other major illnesses, she holds the unshakable belief that God is big enough to handle any problems that life throws at us.  It is this faith that enabled her to work as a hospice nurse, providing comfort for the dying and their loved ones.  This is the faith about which she writes and speaks.  She is also a prayer minister, a blogger, and founder of the Standing in Faith discussion group on LinkedIn.  She lives in California, USA with her husband Jack and they have one son and three grandchildren.


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