Covid-19 reading

As we find ourselves living through a global pandemic, we feel the need to make sense of it.  This particularly applies to Christian believers who hold that God is good.  But what we see in the world around us does not look very good.  However some fine Christian authors have addressed these concerns.  From a range of these titles, I have picked out some of the best Covid-19 reading for you.

Covid-19 reading category - Buy Christian Books Online hereWhere is God in a coronavirus world? is written by a Professor of Mathematics and Lecturer in Apologetics.  But he addresses his booklet ‘To a world in pain’.  He explains that with something like covid-19, we need to get our heads around it intellectually.  But then we also need to resolve how we feel about it emotionally, and to find our path through it spiritually.  He helps us to do just that.

5 things to pray in a global crisis explores different aspects of life during covid-19, and gives prayer ideas from the most personal to the global.

No visible scar is a wonderful booklet to give to anyone bereaved either by covid-19 or during covid-19.  At the best of times, the scar of bereavement is not visible.  But for the bereaved during the pandemic, this scar was even less visible, with nobody there to hold their hand or hear their cry.  The author is a Church Minister and he has seen this anguish first hand.  But he has known personal grief too, for his 53 year old wife died just a few years earlier.  12 short chapters cover various aspects of this particular experience of bereavement.  The hope is that recognition of pain eases it a little.