Covid-19 Holy Communion supplies

Covid-19 Holy Communion supplies - Buy Christian Books & Supplies Online hereWe hope that churches will be permitted to open again for in person gatherings before too long,  In that event, there is very specific and useful HSE guidance on how Breaking of Bread / Holy Communion supplies may be made available.   The guidance includes the following suggestion:
‘The elements of communion can be placed in individual disposable cups or containers and left separated on a tray or table for collection. Communicants could then approach and pick up an individual container for themselves while making sure not to touch any other hosts. The disposable cups or containers should be placed in a designated receptacle afterwards.  Use of communal vessels should be suspended.’

You can read the full HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre Guidance for Religious Services by clicking here.  You will find the advice on Holy Communion on pages 11 and 12.

Fellowship Cups are probably the safest way of all to comply with this guidance.  They facilitate our endeavours to ‘love our neighbour’ and keep each other safe.  These Holy Communion supplies are ready to serve, pre-filled communion cups.  They contain both 100% grape juice and a soft unleavened wafer.  They do not need to be refrigerated, and the cups are guaranteed fresh if used by the date stamped on the box.  I have shared a video below each detailed description to show how simple it is to open a Fellowship Cup.  I’m sure that we would all prefer to celebrate Holy Communion according to our usual tradition.  However a celebration shared in this way seems preferable to no Communion at all.

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